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The production process of women’s underwear

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From the perspective of production technology, what are the classifications of women’s underwear?

Nowadays, there are mainly two processes: sewing and bonding.

Sewing is a traditional sewing process. As the name suggests, it requires a sewing machine. The stitching can be seen on the surface of the underwear made by this process. Usually a variety of sewing machines, such as flat machines, cover stitch machines, herringbone machines, etc., are needed to sew a pair of underwear. Almost all fabrics can be sewn. Most fabrics need to be hemmed or rolled, so they will have a certain thickness.


Bonding is what we often refer to as the "seamless" process. The edges of the underwear are cut with a laser knife, and the main seams are bonded with glue at high temperatures. There are no seams, stitches, or hemming on the surface, so it is smooth and flat. But not all fabrics are suitable for this process. They must not be soft-light treated before they can be bonded. This means that the surface of the fabric must be rough to a certain extent so that it can be bonded better. Nowadays, there are also "free cut" fabrics on the market, that is, fabrics that do not curl , and are ideal fit materials.


The bonded underwear has no sense of restriction and no sense of oppression when worn, so it is favored by more and more people.

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