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It's time to change your underwear!

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Did you know? Signs that you need to change your underwear

1. The size doesn't fit: If you find that the elastic band is loose or too tight and the cups no longer fit your breasts, it may be time to change your bra. The size and shape of your body changes over time, so make sure you choose the right size for your current body.


2. Wear and distortion: Underwear may wear out, distort or lose elasticity over time after use and washing. If you notice visible distortion of the corset cups, broken or loose padding, or signs of damage to parts of the back straps or buttonholes, it's time to replace your underwear.

3. No longer comfortable: underwear should provide comfortable support and a proper wrap around feel. If you feel that your underwear is too tight or too loose, or is causing discomfort or pain, it is time to re-select the right style and size of underwear.

4. Colour and appearance changes: Some underwear may fade or lose their lustre through washing or use over time. If your underwear no longer looks good, it may be time to consider replacing it.


5. Loss of elasticity: The elasticity of your underwear is an important factor in ensuring that it provides proper support and a snug fit. If you notice a significant loss of elasticity in your corset cups, back straps or waistband, it may be time to look for new underwear.

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