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How to wear tummy control body shaper panty correctly

May 07,2024

Nowadays, more and more women are wearing tummy control body shaper panty after giving birth to support waist and maintain a good figure. But what is the correct way to wear tummy control panties?  Today I will share with you how to wear tummy control panties after giving birth.

How to wear it to achieve the effect without side effects.

1. Choose the right tummy control panties

Belly control panties are clothing that is close to the skin. Try to choose pure cotton or soft and skin-friendly fabrics.


2. Don’ t wear too early

It is not advisable to wear tummy control shapewear panties too early after postpartum. Generally, it can be considered after 4 weeks or more after postpartum, after the lochia has been eliminated. If it is a natural labour, you can wear tummy control panties at about 4 weeks; if it is a cesarean section, it will take 6 to 7 weeks.

3. Avoid wearing too tight

Be sure to pay attention to whether the elasticity and size of the tummy-tightening panties are appropriate. If the shaper panties are too tight, they will not only be uncomfortable, but will also affect blood circulation, compress the gastrointestinal tract and internal organs, and affect postpartum recovery.


4. Don’ t wear it for too long

Generally, a high-quality abdominal shaper panty can be worn for about 8 hours a day. Avoid using it for too long. The tightness should be moderate. It is best not to use it when sleeping at night.

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