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How to wear girdle correctly

February 26,2024

There are benefits to wearing a girdle properly, but if worn incorrectly it will affect your health and breathing.

Here are some guides for wearing girdle correctly.

There are two types of waist shaper.

One is to wear it during exercise, which accelerates sweating, assists in fat burning, and has the effect of assisting in slimming the abdomen.
One is ordinary girdle, which is suitable for women recovering from postpartum,  rib valgus and anterior pelvic tilt.



● Be sure to choose the right size, not too tight or too small.

● Don’t wear it for too long. It cannot be worn for more than three hours. It will oppress the internal organs and is not good for the body.

● It cannot be worn during menstrual period.

● It cannot be worn while eating.

● Minors cannot wear it.


Wearing girdles can shape your body and make your body look slimmer. For patients with waist diseases, it can also reduce waist pressure.

However, wearing a girdle for too long can lead to poor breathing, affect the return of blood from the heart, cause blood circulation below the waist and abdomen, and cause pelvic congestion and other diseases.

Wearing girdles can help to control the tummy, but if you want to lose weight and keep fit, you need to control diet and exercise regularly.

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