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How to choose the right bra cup

February 25,2024

Is your bra the right size but uncomfortable? Maybe you didn’ t choose the right cup shape!

Let me give you some suggestions about how to choose the right bra cups.

Full cup

Suitable for females with big breasts.

It can contain all the breasts in the cup, and has the effect of concentrated support and lifting. It is the most functional cup. This kind of bra is suitable for women with plump and swollen breasts. The breasts will not move easily during human movement and will be more stable.

1/2 cup

Suitable for females with A/B cup small breasts.

1/2 cup is easy to match with clothing. The shoulder straps of this kind of bra can usually be removed to become strapless underwear. It is suitable for clothes with bare shoulders. Although the functionality is weak, the lifting effect is quite good. People with petite breasts will feel better after wearing it. Appears fuller.


3/4 cup

Suitable for all body shape

3/4 cup is the style with the best concentration effect among these bras. Through the overall cup design, it creates an appropriate cup capacity, effectively carries and lifts the breasts, and makes the breasts more straight and plump.

Triangle cup

Suitable for females with small to medium breasts

Because triangle cup bras have small coverage, are thin and have no wire rings, and have almost no function of gathering and adjusting breast shape, triangle cup bras have relatively high requirements for breast shape.


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