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Why Wearing Ice Silk Underwear in Summer Feels Comfortable and Cool

Time : 2023-11-06 Hits : 9

Ice silk is scientifically refined from natural cotton skin. The composition is 70% viscose filament and 30% nylon. So it feels droopy and silky when held in the hand. It has the characteristics of good breathability, automatic humidity control, and slow temperature rise in sunlight.

The characteristics of ice silk make it suitable for making summer clothes and underwear. In addition, Ice silk also has anti-mildew, anti-insect, anti-static, and non-radiation effects,so it feels more comfortable and cool when wearing ice silk panties in summer.

Ice silk fabrics are generally light-colored, but due to their good hydrophilicity, they are easily stained with dirt, and some dirt may penetrate into the fiber. Therefore, if worn for too long, there will be many residual stains that cannot be washed thoroughly. Therefore, when wearing ice silk underwear, pay attention to washing and changing frequently, and do not wait until the dirt is heavy before washing.

It is best to wash ice silk underwear by hand. If you use machine washing, you can only use the gentle program. It can be spin-dried but not excessively. If possible, you can use the wet cleaning process. You can use ordinary laundry detergent to wash ice silk clothes. It is of course better to use neutral detergent. Be sure not to use alkaline detergent.


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